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SAMA is a hand painted, digging and puzzle adventure where you take the role of a mining ship and the little Alien blob crew hijacked by a pirate ship. Your Aliens have to dig, fight and puzzle their way through the subterranean worlds fulfilling the ransom demand. 

Key Features
  • Dig through the depths of 4 different planets and collect as much loot as possible.
  • Solve puzzle chambers by pushing and pulling blocks to reveal secret treasures.
  • Survive by finding oxygen recharge stations and dodging environmental obstacles.
  • Fight the hostile flora and fauna with your choice of 6 specialized weapons. 
  • Upgrade and build your equipment by collecting items and energy.
  • Find hidden relics and collect achievements.
  • Engage in bigger battles with the scary huge threats guarding the hidden secrets.


Guide the Aliens to find all the resources the pirate demands, and any additional items you find you can use to build upgrades. Some planets are rich in gems, others in specific minerals, fossils, artefacts or gases. Collect as much as you can!


Each planet has an array of puzzle chambers that once solved reveals hidden treasures. Pull and push the blocks into the correct positions to get the tokens containing parts of the code you need to unlock new places and move your adventure forward.


Your Aliens need to survive in the perilous environments while digging and exploring. Find oxygen recharge stations and beware of pools of corrosive, super heated or poisonous substances, falling rocks, slippery ice, toxic gases and open flames.


There are 6 unique weapons all with different mechanics to defend yourself against the abundant flora and fauna. Look out for charging animals, flying creatures, armoured beasts and be careful walking underneath hanging fungi.


Use the items the pirate doesn't want to build new upgrades for the Aliens. What should you pick? Faster mining? Better guns? Bigger oxygen tanks? Longer lasting jet packs? Or perhaps something else to aid your Aliens while exploring the caves?


The same alien race that left behind a maze of locked teleporters and the hidden codes to unlock them also left behind something very dangerous to guard it all, a fail safe. This looming threat is continuous and the more chests you unlock, the more unsettling the threat becomes...



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Install instructions

1) Download the zip file.
2) Unpack the zip file into a folder.
3) Launch/Double click SAMA.exe (Linux: SAMA.x86_64 or Mac: SAMA.app)
4) Thanks for playing and have fun!

Note: For Mac, make sure you drag SAMA.app from the download folder into the 'Applications' folder in Finder, it will not run in the downloads folder.

** Any problems, please contact us on info@rokabiumgames.com **


SAMA-Demo-Win-1-013.zip 319 MB
SAMA-Demo-Linux-1-013.zip 316 MB
SAMA-Demo-Mac-1-013.zip 313 MB

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i love this game

Thanks. Glad you liked it! :)

hi i just played your game on steam, my steam username is SwordsAway, i don't really know if i like this type of game, but i love helping developers and giving them feedback!

the zoom feature is normal

yet atleASt.


Great game i found no bug's

Great! Thanks for trying our game, and glad you liked it :)

I'm downloading the game i'll give feedback after i play atleast 30 Minutes of it